How to Play

 Game Modes:

There’re 4 game modes to play.


Constellation Mode:

Draw your constellations in the sky by linking stars of same color together, cute and interesting figures are provided in the levels for your to solve.  You can gain star points, share your constellation easily with your friends with the starry camera, or use your imagination and paint freely in the sky.





Infini Music Mode:

Turn stars into music notes with your tapping, melodies are automatically created in this unique way and different each time you  play. With the nature of the underlying pentatonic scale represented by the stars,  you can always get nice melody when you play.



Arcade Mode:

Different from other similar type of puzzles, this mode is made challenging and fun by adding interesting rules like free gravity control (with the gravity ball item), anti-gravity effects (with clouds in the sky), and obstacles (stones), and a bunch of other fun-boosting special items you can get in random lucky draw.  Besides saving as many as stars, you can also target to get your largest combo or highest level completeness at the same time, and show your achievements to your friends in game center.  (Please see below for more special items descriptions)



Classic Mode:

This is a game mode without complex rules and just simple to play, unlike the arcade mode, gaps between columns will close automatically so it’s easy for you to achieve higher level completeness.



Special Items: 

You get random special items when you tap the special item star, or match 5 or more stars in a row


Clouds can keep the stars floating, if you tap them and they will fade away, so you can decide your way to match more stars.


Stones are immovable, with a hammer special item you can break them so they won’t separate the stars


Free Gravity mode can be unlocked by using the gravity ball special item, you can then rotate your device to change the gravity in game, extra fun to play


Golden star has lightning power to rescue many stars at once


There’re also special items which can magically shuffle all the stars in the sky, or increase the round time so you can have more chances.


Not all items are good, however, some are evil and will block your move in game ;-)