Ever dreamed of touching the stars?  Now you can have the beautiful starry sky in your hand and enjoy a relaxing and peaceful moment.

Themed with the starry sky, Starry Melody is a casual relaxing game combined with both puzzle and music elements. It creates a calm, stress-free environment together with smooth music for relaxation, yet still provides a challenging and fun gaming experience.

In the game, you will rescue stars in the sky by drawing and connecting them into beautiful constellations, or by tapping and turning them into nice melodies. Now in version 2.0, it is featured with 4 different game modes for your to enjoy, including the new constellation mode with nicely designed levels ( you can also draw using your imaginations); the music-oriented infini music mode in which melodies are automatically generated by your tapping, the challenging arcade mode with interesting rules and a bunch of special items that greatly boost the fun, and also the easy to play classic mode which is simple to start.


Starry Melody is available on  Apple iOS and  Google Android



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